Casino Reyno


The object is to get closest to 21 without going over

  1. Cards 2-9 are worth face value. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10, Aces are worth 11 or 1 and may be reassigned at any time during play.
  2. Players are dealt 2 cards.
  3. The house is dealt 2 cards, one face down.
  4. Players may 'hit' to receive another card.
  5. Player may keep hitting until they decide to stop, or 'stay'.
  6. If player reaches a value of 21 they win automatically, or if they go over 21 they lose or 'bust'.
  7. Once players have gone the house will reveal cards and take its turn. The house will continue to hit until reaching a minimum value of 17.
  8. hands are tallied and anyone beating the house will win and be paid out.
  1. Players place bets before cards are dealt.
  2. All bets are paid out at a 2:1 ratio meaning a $500 bet will pay out $1000.
  3. Blackjack pays out at a 3:1 ratio meaning a $500 bet will pay out $15000.
  4. If the player ties with the house, the players bet will be returned to their wallet.
  5. A player may 'double down' before their first hit, whereby they will double their bet and receive only one additional card.

Current Bet $0

Wallet: $500

player 1



  1. Standard Table

  2. High Roller Table

  3. Elite Table

  4. Luxury Table